SQL Change Management

SQLBeat simplifies object change management and user activity auditing by keeping detailed records, and alerting you as changes are observed.

Change Management

SQLBeat maintains a record of all SQL objects, and watches for changes. As objects change, SQLBeat generates alerts which include before and after text to make it easy to review and respond to changes. This archive is available for query, and can also be used to automatically view differences between databases.

User Activity Auditing

SQLBeat’s comprehensive record of user activity is available for query and includes buffer contents, locks, host machine name, MAC address and login information. Using this record, a picture of user activity is always available.

Rights Management

SQLBeat maintains a local record of object permissions as well as server and database level logins. Machine and network level security settings (NT Group Membership, local Groups membership, Shared Folder permissions) are also recorded. As these change, intentionally or otherwise, an email alert is generated.